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For beginners to Online Casino Welcome Bonus

Nowadays, where the selection of different online casinos has grown enormously, online casino operators are particularly important to attract new players with lucrative welcome bonuses and to maintain existing players.

At most online casinos you get a “welcome bonus” during the first bet. This money, which is in principle donated, serves as a thank you for the selection of the respective casino.

Some online casinos pay a percentage of the money used, which is sometimes 10%, 50%, 100% or some even over 100%. For example, if the casino offers a 150% bonus, an amount of $ 250 will be credited to the player’s account after $ 100.

There are also online casinos that offer a “bonus match” which is exactly 100%. The online casino will therefore exactly the same amount on the player account, which one has put. If you bet $ 200, you can start the game with $ 400 on the player’s account.

It is very important to check the sales conditions as well as the restricted exit possibilities connected with the welcome bonus. These protect the casino from the fact that players are betting money, collecting the bonus and then distributing the entire amount without ever playing in the online casino.

Normally, the sales conditions are 20 to 50x the welcome bonus provided. This means that the player must have the amount of the bonus 20 to 30x imported, before the paid money can distribute. You should not play in online casinos, where the sales conditions are higher than 50x.

For example, you make a bet of $ 300 and get $ 300 as a “bonus match”, with a turnover condition of 20x. You have to use 6000 $ in the further course of the game as bets, in order to be able to distribute the 300 $ that the online casino previously credited.

You must always carefully read the conditions of the online casino, in order to know exactly what you are getting into. Thus, one has the possibility to select a bonus appropriate to the individual budget, in order to prevent later disappointments.

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